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Heat Troubles?

Heat Troubles?

Have you turned on your heat this fall only to be surprised to find a lack of wonderful warm air? It’s possible that you are having some heater core troubles. The heater core is part of the cooling system, as coolant circulates through the engine, some of that hot coolant passes through the heater core in the dashboard which connects to the blower fan, providing you with the feeling of being somewhere a little bit warmer. Here are some indications that your heater core may be to blame and what you can do.

Little or No Heat When Turned On

  • Rule out blower fan malfunction by fuse checking
  • Check the vents
  • Check defrost and floor settings
  • Check cabin air filter

You may have a clogged heater core. It might be possible to flush out the heater core’s, but many modern heater cores have plastic lines and tanks so this is not always ideal.

Sweet Smell Inside Your Vehicle

  • Possible early sign of heater core failure
  • Refrain from using stop-leak products (only temporary solution)

Have this taken care of before it gets worse.

Foggy Windows

  • More extreme version of the coolant smell situation
  • Coolant spraying forms a mist coating your windows
  • Roll down windows to clear it up to drive
  • Breathing ethylene glycol is harmful to your health

Get your vehicle in for repairs immediately.

Visible Coolant Leak

  • Low coolant level can cause your engine to overheat
  • Car will lose a significant amount of coolant
  • Check your coolant leveland top it up as necessary
  • Engine running hot/coolant level dropping

Top off your coolant and take it in right away.

If you are having any troubles with heat this fall, we welcome you to bring your vehicle to our trained technicians, we are always happy to help!

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