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Understanding Lane Departure Warning

Understanding Lane Departure Warning

If you’re currently in the market for a new vehicle, you may have seen a new technology called Lane Departure Warning. Sometimes it comes at no extra cost, sometimes its paired with a package and sometimes it’s available as a stand-alone option. But what is Lane Departure Warning, exactly?

It’s a fairly simple technology that’s incredibly useful at keeping you and your family safe. LDW often has a fancy name attached to it, but most systems work in the same way. Monitors or cameras scan the road ahead and more specifically the markings on the road.

By doing so, the system can detect if you happen to swerve or drift out of your lane. Maybe you were distracted by something in the car or you didn’t see the markings. A warning is then heard in order to avoid you going into the other lane. Sometimes, this system can be paired with lane departure prevention that will keep your vehicle in the lane if you don’t react. Other systems available on Ford vehicles will also keep the lane even if their’s a curve in the road.

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