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Why You Should Get Your Oil Changed at the Dealership

Why You Should Get Your Oil Changed at the Dealership

There are many places that you can get an oil change. But the best place to go to is the dealership. See why you should get your oil changed at Vickar Ford.

For some people, especially those who are particularly mechanically minded and have older vehicles they like to work on themselves, the idea of visiting a dealership and paying to have an oil change done is out of the question. It's easy to see their point of view in purely superficial financial terms, but even those perfectly capable and with the facilities for doing it themselves could still benefit from getting a dealership to do it for them. As for the rest of us, there are so many good reasons for using a dealership that it really doesn't make a lot of sense to consider a DIY option.

For a start, getting an oil change done isn't going to cost a great deal. Obviously, it's going to get done during a routine service anyway, but there are good arguments for having it done between regular servicing as well. If you do a lot of driving, the oil is going to be working hard to lubricate your engine, and particles and contaminants are going to be building up in it quicker than in vehicles that don’t cover as many miles. More regular oil changes get rid of these nasties that can cause damage to vital systems and components, so there's a reduced chance of having to pay out for more expensive maintenance as time goes by.

It allows to spot other problems.
One of the big reasons even the most capable enthusiasts can benefit from having an oil change done at a dealership, is the chance it provides for a manufacturer trained technician to spot other potential problems. Being able to get underneath your car, drain the sump, and replace the oil and filter is one thing. But having a vehicle up in the air on a ramp with a trained mechanic being able to comfortably view the whole underneath is something else. There are so many wear and tear items that can then be checked to stop failures before they happen, that it really is worth the relatively small cost of having your oil changed by a professional with all the right equipment at their disposal.

We also have to keep in mind just how complex and computerized today's vehicles are, and we're not just talking about models of the last few years either. For example, the original Land Rover Discovery Series 2, that went on sale here as long ago as 1998, actually needs an appropriate computer to be able to bleed the brakes. If it's in for an oil change and the technician finds the brakes need attention, a quick call to get the ok from the owner and the job can be done there and then with the right equipment at hand.

The bottom line is that a dealership for your vehicle's brand will know it better than anyone else, which massively reduces the chances of any mistakes being made. Did you know that some vehicles can have two oil drain plugs? You or an independent shop may not know about both drain plugs and only open the one before filling the car with fresh oil. This can then result in the kind of massive oil overfill you certainly don’t want, which is a mistake the dealership for your brand certainly wouldn't have made.

Using your dealer to get an oil change done is a quick, easy, cheap and practical thing to do that could save you a lot of money in the long run.


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