A quick look at Ford Co-Pilot360

A quick look at Ford Co-Pilot360

Announced in March, Ford Co-Pilot360 is a unique package of advanced driver assistance technologies set to launch globally in the coming months. Ultimately, Ford Co-Pilot360 is a technology designed to keep Ford owners safe on the road, and always in control of their vehicles.

With Ford Ford Co-Pilot360, you get a range of active safety systems that prevent accidents, prevent road departure, and minimize the risk of a distraction leading to a collision.

Here’s a quick look at everything included in Ford Co-Pilot360.

  • A rear-view camera for easier parking
  • A blind spot information system with cross-traffic alert to better see what is around the vehicle and what is coming up when you are backing up
  • Automatic braking with pedestrian detection can brake automatically if another vehicle stops suddenly or if a pedestrian crosses the road ahead of you.
  • Lane keeping assistance detects if you are about to swerve out of your lane and can automatically adjust your steering wheel to keep you in a straight path.

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